Increase ASM ACFS from SAN

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Increase disk space on ASM ACFS from SAN (Invita)
Case, when we have no free space left in the ASM

1. Create LUN/ Map LUN

a) Connect to SAN over web


b) Find correct LUN and the last LUN number 


c) Press Create LUN

d) Map LUN to the correct group

e) Choose created LUN in the bottom part and set to it next number (last one +1)

2. Open Linux as root

ssh –X root@172.33.77.XX

To optimize find by UUID:
multipath -v3
multipath -ll
multipath -ll|grep 1704bfc2
multipath -v3|grep 1704bfc2
multipath -v3
more /etc/multipath.conf 
history|grep multi
multipath -l |grep mpath
df -h
multipath -ll
multipath --d -v3 |mpat
multipath --d -v3 |grep mpat
multipath -d -v3 |grep mpat
multipath -l |grep mpat
df -h
ls -la /TEST/data

3. Scan and Configure New LUNs 

dmesg -wH 
ls /sys/class/fc_host
echo "1" > /sys/class/fc_host/host1/issue_lip                note time
echo "1" > /sys/class/fc_host/host2/issue_lip
dmesg -wH                                     find new devices
multipath -v3|grep sdbu              it may be like sdby, sdbz, sdca, sdcb, we can check by serial number or uid
multipath -ll |grep 240d8557523e8fbc44f0cd000
ls –la /dev/mapper/                    find new device using log time
oracleasm querydisk /dev/mapper/mpathu

4. Create the disk

oracleasm createdisk LUN18 /dev/mapper/mpath

oracleasm querydisk /dev/mapper/mpathu 

5. Go to oracle user. Open Grid environment , export display and run ASM utility

su – oracle
. grid_env
          su - grid
          export ORACLE_HOME=/u01/app/
          export ORACLE_SID=+ASM1
          export PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/bin:$PATH
          export TNS_ADMIN=/u01/app/
export DISPLAY=                         ip of our workstation

6. Press right mouse button, choose Add Disks

7. Open SQL*Plus and set priority

sqlplus '/as sysasm'
alter diskgroup DATA01 rebalance power 10;

8. To monitor process: ASM / Operation

select * from V$ASM_OPERATION;          To view progress
select * from gv$asm_operation;

Or using Spotlight

9. Important: Wait when rebalance will finish - about 1 hour 

10. Count, how much space to add

[oracle@test ~]$ df -m

Файловая система                1M-блоков Использовано Доступно Использовано% Cмонтировано в
/dev/asm/asmvol01-376                 9168896       8979853     189044           98% /TEST/data


9168896 / 1024 + 500 (we adding) = 9454


11. Increase the Volume

[oracle@test ~]$ pwd

[oracle@test ~]$ . grid_env

[oracle@test ~]$ acfsutil size 9454G /TEST/data
acfsutil size: new file system size: 10151155204096 (9680896MB)

12. Check it

[oracle@test ~]$ df -h

Файловая система                Размер Использовано  Дост Использовано% Cмонтировано в
/dev/asm/asmvol01-376               9,3T        8,6T   684G          93% /TEST/data










 The space is very low in the /TEST/data

 We need to know in which group this volume

We see, that volume is in the DATA01

Then we need to check free space in the ASM

Or on the Disk Group tab. There are 620 Gb of free space in the DATA01


9680896 / 1024 + 300 (Gb adding) = 9 754

Extend and check

acfsutil size 9754G /TEST/data




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