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Dedicated to my father

Yuri Dzibalov   


   This high-level website is developed with love to my job. I dedicate it to my father Yuri Dzibalov

   He was a very smart, attentive, kindest and reliable man who always helped everybody

   Of course, he was not engaged in Oracle, he reached the heights of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

   Meanwhile, I go in for Oracle administration, and decided to share my experiences with the world through this inspiring resource that reflects my practical experience, in which I put my heart and soul


I hope it will rescue more than once, help in a difficult moment and benefit many good people

Also I want to say many thanks to great people, who help me with this resource:


   Vladimir Amirov - my friend, we resolved many hard Oracle related issues together


   Anna Belova and Ruslan Zhumadilov - my kin and close friend, gold advices


   Sergey Tregub - my friend, key decisions


   Marina Belova - my wife, always my support

Best regards
Alexey Dzibalov


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