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Configure services in GUI



ps -ef | grep [a]pache          We use brackets to get answer without our request line
history | grep [s]tart

Linux 5-6

service --status-all
service httpd status | stop | start | restart | condrestart | reload
chkconfig --list
chkconfig --list httpd
chkconfig httpd on
chkconfig httpd off

Linux 7

systemctl list-units --type service --all
systemctl status | is-active | stop | start | restart | try-restart | reload httpd
systemctl status httpd
systemctl is-enabled httpd
systemctl enable httpd
systemctl disable httpd


ps aux | grep java          To know pid of service
kill -9 17031                    To kill Java service, for example

OS Scripts

/etc/init.d/                     on boot
/etc/rc0.d                       on shutdown
/etc/rc6.d                       on reboot


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