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TOP Articles

Diagnostic Pack

1st stage of the express database troubleshooting: sqlplus, sql developer Read More


Copy or Restore and Recover DB Read More

Server Tuning

Autostart Oracle, IP Tables, Boot Timeout, Environments Read More

Increase disk space on ASM ACFS from SAN (Invita)

Case, when we have no free space left in the ASM Read More
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Exadata, RAC

  • CELL, Control iLo
  • CELL, Disk Diagnostic

No presence required

Work from any location


Connect via iLo and command line interface


Check current power status


Start or Stop system, including force option. Other useful options


Learn More ...

Failure report

Prepare support information


Check alerts history of the griddisk and physicaldisk


Run Exacheck (detail analysis)


Run Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA)


Learn More ...

Start Steps to Awesome Oracle DBA

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File Management

  • Tablespaces and Datafiles +

    How to Show Path and Size? How to Create, Add, Resize, Autoextend and Transfer: the Tablespace, Datafile, Undo and Tempfile Read More
  • Tempfiles +

    Show size, free and used space of the Tempfile. Add new one, and resize. Manage default Temp Tablespace Read More
  • Controlfile +

    Info, Size, Multiplexing and autobackup controlfile Read More
  • Archivelog +

    Show path, daily size, current database mode. Set archivelog or noarchivelog mode. Archivelog deletion policy. Multiplexing. Files format Read More
  • Flash Recovery Area (FRA) +

    Main info. Set new size and path. Disable FRA usage Read More
  • Redo logs +

    Size info, Multiplexing, Standby settings Read More
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