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command --help


man command


man ping        call manual of ping program


man -k ping    which keys available in the ping command


!xx                   repeat last xxyyzz command


ctrl + r             search command in the history





export NLS_LANG=AMERICAN_RUSSIA.AL32UTF8          read Russian errors



iTerm2 Download it for Mac from external page


shift + cmd + h        Buffer

symbol, cmd + ;      Symblol buffer

alt + space               Hotkey window



! Before any Server Reboot !


1. OPEN SERVER’S CONSOLE (VMware, KVM via WEB, iLO) to check boot messages


2. Also check disk parameter in the /etc/fstab 0 0         dump 0 pass 0 to decrease boot time
a) dump, used by the dump utility to decode when to make a backup. If 0 dump will ignore the file system
b) pass, 0 not to check filesystem; 1 to check with highest priority (for root); 2 to check all other filesystems 


3. Find startup command in the history in all users history


as root

su - someuser         ls /home


history | grep start

history | grep .sh

history 100


4. Check routes


ifconfig                        chk external interface

netstat -nr                   chk routes


history | grep route    note, how to add route



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